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Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge Mariental Namibia

Welcome to blackajck, enjoy a stay at Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge in the Mariental area of Namibia, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge Mariental Namibia. See you soon

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The Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge is barrier-free for easier accessibility. All houses were designed without steps to climb. The main building is easily accessible via paved walking paths. Showers are flush to the floor, barrier-free, and very spacious.


Accommodation at Kalahari Red Dunes

The main building is set on a natural island in the dry lake (Vlei). It features a traditional African thatched roof and was built in traditional African style. It can only be reached via a 120m wooden boardwalk. The following facilities are available in the main building:
•Restaurant and breakfast buffet
•Teak wood sundowner terrace
•Swimming pool with terrace and watering hole view
•free wireless LAN

No. 1 – Nyala
Unlike the other houses, Nyala features an additional “wide-angle scenic view” apart from the main picture window: Along the whole length of the building, the canvas contains glass windows that are arranged to exactly follow the course of the dunes.

The living and sleeping area of Nyala is the largest one available. Its sunset view probably surpasses that of all the other guest houses. Though there is no view towards the watering hole, the dunes view more than makes up for that. A beautiful hidden outdoor shower is also available.

Distance from the main building: 300 meters.

No. 2 – Impala

The house overlooks a bright tree savanna with high grass that shines in golden yellow during the dry season. On the other side of the Vlei, the red sand dunes of the Kalahari desert are visible

No. 3 – Blue Wildebeest

The two houses called Blue and Black Wildebeest are named after the two gnu species of the reservation. Since they look very similar and tend to form groups together, they have named these “twin houses”.

As a unit, the houses are perfect for families or groups of friends and are connected by a boardwalk closed to one side. Thus, it is possible to cross from one house to the other without having to go “outside”. The facing exterior walls are solid, the exterior walls on the averting sides consist of canvas.

The houses can also be booked separately. In that case, the doors to the boardwalk will be locked. Especially during sunset, the houses offer a breathtaking view over the grass savanna with its camel thorn trees.

Distance from the main building: 180 meters.

No. 5 – Springbok

Elevated on the edge of the Vlei, Springbok offers a beautiful panoramic view on tree savanna, dry lake, and steppe. The terrace lies hidden in the shrubs on the water bank.?The open shower features a spectacular savanna view.

Short distance from the main building: 100 meters

No. 6 – Eland
The large Eland guest house features a particularly beautiful bathroom. French windows offer spectacular perspectives. Additional outdoor shower. Even from your bed, you can watch the animals at the watering hole in the Vlei.

Short distance from the main building: 150 meters

No. 7 – Giraffe
As the name indicates, Giraffe is not the smallest guest house. The bathroom is very large, the open shower is the largest one available. This also applies to the outdoor shower.
Among large old Acacia bushes, the Giraffe guest house nestles between the shrubs on the water bank. It offers a view over the Vlei to the watering hole and the dunes on the opposite side.

Distance from the main building: 200 meters

No. 8 – Oryx
The Oryx guest house rivals the Red Hartebeest guest house with its spectacular view for animal watching. As hidden and shy as an oryx, the guest house offers a lot of privacy.
Through the picture windows, antelopes drinking from the Vlei can be watched even from the bedside. Additional hidden outdoor shower.

Distance from the main building: 300 meters.

No. 9 – Red Hartebeest
The Red Hartebeest is the fastest antelope. Through its proximity to the watering hole, the Red Hartebeest guest house is perfect for animal watching. Chances are good to see warthogs, zebras, kudus, or nyalas.
Experience Africa at close range in the additional outdoor shower.

Even from the bedside, there is a terrific view over the Vlei, the watering hole, and the dunes on the opposite side.

Distance from the main building: 350 meters.

No. 10 – Zebra
The terrace in front of the Zebra guest house makes you feel like being directly inside the Vlei. ?Its special location underneath a large camel thorn tree sets this guest house apart from the other special ones.
The additional hidden outdoor shower underneath the tree adds to the atmosphere.

Distance from the main building: 480 meters

No. 11 – Kudu

The Kudu guest house happened to be the first guest house and still is the favorite of all those who helped with setting up the lodge.
It is the only guest house with steps leading to the terrace and where you have to cross shrubs to get from the terrace to the house.

Each spot is perfectly hidden from view. In this almost lonely place, you can become a part of the Kalahari desert. Rest, relax, listen to your inner voice. A very special guest house indeed.

Distance from the main building: 450 meters

No. 12 – Ostrich
Remote, secluded, with breathtaking view. Any restriction of the view would be a shame. Thus, additional windows had to be installed. Wilderness, peace, nature.
Whoever has the privilege to stay here probably does not care much about dinner in the main building. Instead you should order candle light dinner with a good red wine and enjoy the evening on the wooden terrace in the Vlei. The sounds of an African night underneath the starry sky – an unforgettable experience. Actually, the place is way too beautiful to sleep at all.

Distance from the main building: 500 meters.


Easily accessible via a tarmac road. From Windhoek, drive 190 km on the B1 direction Mariental / Keetmannshop. 8 km south of Kalkrand leave the B1 and turn left onto the grounds of the lodge.


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