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Goibib Mountain Lodge Grunau Namibia

Welcome to Goibib Mountain Lodge, enjoy a stay at Goibib Mountain Lodge in the Grunau area of Namibia, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Goibib Mountain Lodge Grunau Namibia. See you soon

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Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia. We are situated 110 kilometres South of Keetmanshoop on the B1 highway, heading towards Gruanu, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

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Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia. We are situated 110 kilometres South of Keetmanshoop on the B1 highway, heading towards Gruanu, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Our warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation allow guests to enjoy a tranquil getaway in the heart of the Great Karas Mountains.
This serene landscape displays a splendid array of colours and textures, as well as the opportunity to view a variety of antelope species, other wildlife and traditional farm animals.
Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia, including the Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest, Giant’s Playground, Brukaros Volcanic Crater and Ai-Ais Hot Springs.


Goibib Mountain Lodge Accommodation:
The lodge comprises eight spacious en-suite rooms, each a haven, allowing guests to enjoy ultimate rest and relaxation.
All rooms are designed to include the comforts of home so are equipped with a television displaying local and satellite television channels, air-conditioning, a radio, minibar, built-in safe, complementary coffee and tea making facilities and wireless internet connectivity is available on site.
All rooms are serviced daily.
Laundry and babysitting are available on request. We invite guests to enjoy refreshments at the pool bar and cool down by taking a dip in our swimming pool.

Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding veld either on foot or from the comfort of an air-conditioned four-wheel-drive vehicle. Whilst hiking or enjoying a nature drive, one can see a variety of wild game including Kudu, Springbok, Gemsbok and Ostriches, as well as smaller species such as Rock Dassies and the elusive Steenbok.
Bird watchers will love the bright colours of wild Lovebirds and may even catch a glimpse of a Kori Bustard or Black Eagle in full flight. When experiencing the splendour of the Namibian landscape, guests can also enjoy a picnic. We encourage avid stargazers to take full advantage of the clear night sky by requesting the use of one of our telescopes.


Goibib Mountain Lodge offers an unforgettable Namibian experience.
Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia.
· 8 Double Rooms with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, television and internet connection.
· A radio, safe, mini Bar and Tea/Coffee Station is also included in every Room
· Wireless Internet access is available on site
· A selection of books and magazines for your reading pleasure.
· Swimming Pool
· Self-guided Hiles
· Bird Watching
· Picnics
· Stargazing
· Swimming pool


Nature Drives
Guests are able to enjoy early morning or evening nature drives in comfortable, air-conditioned 4Wheel Drive vehicles, which easily navigate the terrain.
Sunrise Nature Drive

Awaken at daybreak to witness a spectacular Namibian sunrise and experience Goibib Mountain Lodge coming to life for another special day. An experienced and knowledgeable driver will take guests on a 1-2 hour game-watching adventure. Thereafter guests may enjoy breakfast in the great outdoors.

Sun Downer Nature Drive
The sun downer nature drive begins late afternoon, after the heat of the day. This 1-2 hour game-watching excursion is guided by an experienced and informative driver and allows for unhurried observation of wildlife. The drive concludes with guests experiencing a magnificent Namibian sunset. As night falls and guests return to the lodge for dinner, one may catch a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife inhabiting Goibib Mountain Lodge.

As an alternative to guided nature drives, guests are able to order a delicious fresh picnic basket, containing all kinds of goodies, and self drive their vehicle into the veld to view wildlife for the day.
Self-guided Hikes

Guests are welcome to explore the surrounds at Goibib Mountain Lodge at their own leisurely pace, enjoying the sun, blue skies and fresh air.

Mountain Bike Excursions
At Goibib Mountain Lodge, guests are able to enjoy a mountain bike adventure at their own pace.

Bird Watching
Goibib Mountain Lodge is home to numerous species of birds. The largest being the Ostrich, the Kori Bustard being the heaviest flying bird and the most enchanting is the Rosy-faced Lovebirds. Another familiar resident that can be found sharing enormous nests crafted by the Weavers is the Pygmy Falcon. Bird books are available to assist guests in the identification of regional bird species’. Guests may bird-watch at their leisure.

Goibib Mountain Lodge is the perfect location for stargazing as the skies of Southern Namibia are unpolluted, clear and free of city lights. Telescopes are available for guests to use, on request.

In addition to its tranquility and private activities, Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from where to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia. Staff at Goibib Mountain Lodge are able to assist guests in arranging trips to the following locations, which are a maximum of 2 hours away from Goibib Mountain Lodge.

Ai-Ais Hot Springs
Ai-Ais, translated from the local Nama language, means “burning water”. Ai-Ais comprises of hot springs where the thermal water, rich in sulphates and fluorides, gushes from the earth. Guests are able to spend the day relaxing in pools or playing a game of tennis. At the end of the day, when feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, guests will return to Goibib Mountain Lodge to enjoy an outdoor barbeque in the boma or a delicious dinner.

Ai-Ais is closed during the summer months (between November and February) as the heat collects in the narrow gorge of the Fish River and temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius and higher.

Quiver Tree Forest
The Quiver Tree Forest is a main attraction in Southern Namibia. The forest is a stand comprising of roughly 250 Quiver Trees. Quiver Trees are members of the genus Aloe but acquired their name from their purpose. Historically, the San people hollowed out the branches of these trees for use as quivers for their arrows. These trees flower with large, bright yellow flowers during June and July and are particularly attractive during this time.

Giants Playground
In addition to the Quiver Tree Forest, guests will be able to view the Giants Playground. The Giants Playground is regarded as a sculpture garden where blocks of greyish-black dolerite are stacked on top of one another and gives the impression that giants have been playing with bricks.

Fish River Canyon
The longest river in Namibia, which stretches for about 650km, is the Fish River. The Fish River canyon is situated along the southern reaches of the river and is said to be one of the most impressive natural beauties in Southern Namibia.

Brukaros Volcanic Crater
The Brukaros Volcanic Crater is an ancient volcanic crater situated in the South of Namibia. Guests appreciate this special experience.
Where is Goibib Mountain Lodge?

Goibib Mountain Lodge is perfect for holidays, short breaks and overnight stays. The lodge is situated on the B1 main road that links Cape Town to Windhoek. It is 112km south of Keetmanshoop and 48km north of Grunau. This is a malaria-free area.


When to come?
Guests enjoy visiting Goibib Mountain all year round.
Goibib Mountain Lodge experiences a typical desert climate, with hot, sunshine-filled days and warm summer nights. Summer stretches from October to April, with the occasional rain shower.

Should guests wish to visit Goibib Mountain Lodge during winter, extending from May to September, they can expect warm, sunny days but cold evenings.


What to bring?
· Light-weight, comfortable clothing for daytime activities
· In winter, long-sleeved, warm clothing to ward off the chill at night
· Sturdy shoes for hiking through the veld
· A hat and sunscreen
· Swimwear
The greatest compliment any guest can pay us is to come and stay again, and our guests certainly do return! Join them, and spend your Namibian holiday with us.


Goibib Mountain Lodge Prices

Prices are per person per night

Room Type


1 night BB per person sharing

N$ 500.00

1 night BB single supplement

N$ 165.00

1 night BB per child 0 - 8 years sharing

N$ 0.00

1 night BB per child 9 - 16 years sharing

N$ 250.00

1 night Guide BB

N$ 430.00

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

1 night DBB per person sharing

N$ 660.00

1 night DBB single supplement

N$ 165.00

1 night DBB per child 0 - 8 years sharing

N$ 0.00

1 night DBB per child 9 - 16 years sharing

N$ 330.00

1 night Guide DBB

N$ 430.00

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